Coffee Culture.

I used to frequent coffee shops several times a week…until I got a part-time job at a coffee shop. Now I frequent there and get free coffee, which is nice on my coffee budget. coffeeculture3Much of my generation has been raised in a coffee culture. We brew coffee at home in the morning, or drive-thru Dunkin Donuts. We may stop at a local coffee shop for lunch or get a pick-me-up pour in the break-room. And if you’re really addicted you’ll stop at Starbucks on the way home to fill up on sugar and caffeine before you greet to your kids. coffeeculture6 This epic drink has has such great influence on social and economic status around the world. In recent Western history much progress has been made in ensuring coffee is fairly traded and coffee farmers and communities are appropriatly compensated; however, unsutainable trade and high pollution farms still exist. You can sign a petition for Folgers to obtain a Free-Trade Certificaiton here.coffeeculture4 There are some peoples in Ethiopia that have a history of using coffee as a form of worship and way to injest the energy of God. Turkish Men use coffee houses as an intellectual space  to discuss politics, world issues and the arts. coffeeculture2 In my experience coffee culture means safety and community. From Santa Barbara to St Louis, Cincinnati to Asheville, the coffee houses I have visited are of the most inclusive and diverse places. People feel safe in coffee houses, to the point of sharing dark secrets, rallying for social change, or unveiling their next big idea. I wonder what it would look like if we brought coffee culture like this into our homes? What would it look like and what impact would it have if our living-rooms and kitchens were as inclusive, diverse and safe as the coffee shops we visit?coffeeculture1

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