Your Neighborhood. Pleasant Ridge.

To preface upcoming Ridge Day, I wanted to highlight just a few places you can explore if you’re in the neighborhood. Pleasant Ridge really does have something for everyone.

The Red Balloon Café + Play is a retreat for busy families. Business up front and party in the back or…café up front and kids playroom in the back. Kids play free every Friday after 4 and you are welcome to BYOB.RB.jpg

The Overlook Lodge ,the bar that is inspired by Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining. If you are tired of trivia night, mix it up. They keep a creative events calendar that just might rock your world. OL.jpg

Everybody’s Records is a staple of Pleasant Ridge. They do have everything in the way of music. If you live in Cincy and haven’t been, go there now.  EBR.jpg

The Coffee Exchange PR is a small, quiet café that’s a perfect place to meet up with a friend. They have delicious coffee and yummy treats. CX.jpg

Fibergé is your fiber store. From knitting classes and woolen yarns to felting tools and fine fabrics they have it. It literally feels warm and comfy when you walk in. You’ll want to stay and never leave. Lysha is celebrating their one year anniversary and you can read all about it on their blog. FIB.jpg

1000 Hands Playground has a big beautiful play area for children of all ages. It’s easily accessible and shares an area with the Pleasant Ridge Recreation Center. Hands.jpg

Follow me for a recap of upcoming Ridge Day 2016!

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