Sept 14th of 19 Something Something

Sept 14th of 19 something something, the Detroit Tigers won their 30th game of the season beating the Oakland, Athletics, and. Carson City Michigan along with the world gained a brand new baby girl. My mom could be described as a Gypsy with the heart of a Southern Bell. Literally, she traveled as a merchant for 15 years selling hand-crafted soap and dried flowers.vinmom.jpgGrowing up I almost died 10-12 times. I once got locked in my father’s work overnight. I got trapped under a raft while in white rapids. Cycled full speed down a hill when my skull hit a metal door. Wrecked on a dirt bike. Got trapped in a driveway by an Escalade of strangers. Broke my arm playing basketball AND (among other things)  posed for a photograph 3 feet from a crocodile. It wasn’t easy raising me but I know I was always loved. To this day, if I disappoint or hurt her she smiles through it and I am captured by her mother’s It is all a miracle, that she is the way she is. She transformed years of childhood hurt and pain into my childhood years of joy, acceptance and love. Today she is able to gift her love, time, knowledge and grace to my kids. I love watching them together. Now that I am an adult it’s a really amazing experience watching my mom parent.   mom1.jpgI am so proud of my mom. I am amazed by her. She completely rocks my world.

Happy Birthday, I love you.

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