Megan & Carlos

I was recently able to do an event with a beautiful, growing family. This is a small glimpse into their story!


“ Carlos used to tell everyone at our work that he would marry me one day in Spanish and they would all make fun of him for shooting “out of his league” but he was super funny and really sweet to me. He always made me laugh and I’d have a better day at work, even before we started dating. He always seemed to have a good solution if I ever asked him for advice. I liked that he could dance and he was always writing me cute notes and leaving them for me on my cash register.”


“What attracted me to Megan is that she was different from every girl I had met up to that point. She challenged me to think and expand in ways I hadn’t. She also had striking beauty and a cute butt.”


IMG_1538disc.jpg“We met at Bubba’s Q in Avon, Ohio it’s owned by a former Detroit Lions and Cleveland Browns NFL player (They LOVE the Browns). Sometimes being away from home is the best thing for us. You can’t become your own self when you are in the same situations all of the time. Even though being home may be the easy choice it may not always provide room for growth. Being away forced us to become our own individuals and when in a situation with no family, friends, or help, it becomes a sink or swim scenario. You must have a strong mental fortitude and resolve to overcome and build, find success, joy, peace, and love.”

IMG_1383disc copy.jpg“ [I have grown to love] Carlos’ ability to take on so many new projects, even if he doesn’t know everything about it he figures it out. He may take way longer then expected but he gets the job done.”


“Megan’s tenacity to help in whatever comes her way such as picking up a power tool with no fear, cutting the grass, or keeping the house spotless. Her willingness to understand things differently and offer a different perspective in situations always astonished me. And finally watching her paint and draw is like watching a plant grow and bloom into a beautiful flower.”

Our favorite part of the day is our family time at night. We usually cuddle up on the couch and watch Gideon play. We watch him grow and learn and sometimes stare in awe of his adorableness. When we put him down for bed we then get to relax and spend quality time together not worrying or stressing about our day.”


“Megan and I have both come to understand that our life is not our own. It’s first and foremost to God, secondly to each other, thirdly to our son, and lastly, to everyone whom we come across that we may become a blessing, a helping hand, a word of wisdom, a warm embrace, a mentor, and a friend.

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